Monday, December 17, 2012

The long version

Here are some of the details that I remember from our wedding. 

It started with introductions. One by one, our gathered friends and family introduced themselves and gave a glimpse of how we know them.

Amber Forest, the park ranger at Larrabee State Park, who was gave us a job as camp hosts when we were moving here and living in our trailer. She said, “I met them in the forest.”

Ken Matthews, our realtor, and his partner Wayne.  Ken helped us buy this house.
Our neighbors Kathy, Dan, Eliza and Paulina, who visit with us and our dog. Dan said, "Lynne helped us fix our front door lock."

Our friends from our circle of lesbian friends: Jerri, Lynn, Lora, Tovah, Janine, Kate, Jeanne, Amy, Janis, Michele, Ruth and Carol.  A few met us first at a reading at Village Books. The rest said they met us at gatherings of this "intentional community".

Ruth, Carol, Amber and Ken M.

Our first tai chi instructor, Lee and her husband Rick. Rick said he guessed he was here because he was lucky.

Kathy, Bill and their 17 year old daughter, Michelle.  During the service, Michelle presented us with a painting that she had done for us.

Our other neighbors down the street, Winnie’s second home, Ken W. and Phyllis, who were letting Winnie stay at their house during the wedding. They also lent us wine glasses, folding chairs, and made cookies.

Sara and Mike, my Census friends, who so kindly transported my mother here and then back home.

Cooie, Sara, Ken and Phyllis

My mother, in her blue dress, matching blue earings and sparkly necklace. She wore lipstick and rouge. When it was her turn to say how she knew us, she said, "I've known them for a long time."

Kay and Leslie, who have known us for 37 years.  They are Kentucky friends who moved to Bellingham before we did.

We had a lively crowd, who responded and spoke up.

Tovah sang the song that she composed "We Have Made a Vow", written when Proposition 74 passed.  Everyone cried.

We said our vows, facing each other and holding hands.

Kent looking on during the vows, Lynne and Sky

Lynne, Take me as I am. Set your seal upon my heart. Summon all that I may be.

Sky, Take me as I am. Set your seal upon my heart. Summon all that I may be.

The big hug. Kent is looking on. Michelle's painting is on the mantel.
It says "Sky and Lynne United in Love"

Kent pronounced us married, “Through the power vested in me by the state of Washington, I pronounce you married.”

Tovah (musician), Eliza and Paulina (flower girls),
Dan (father of flower girls) during "Song of the Soul"

That moment. Almost over. Everyone singing. Flower petals flying. We had done it. We all had done it.

Eliza finished throwing her flower petals. Then she started gathering them back up so that she could take them home. But she missed one. A flower petal landed on my mother. She picked it up and slipped it in her purse.

Warren, JoAnn, Michelle, Kathy, Kathy, Bill and Michelle
singing "Song of the Soul"

People stayed. Food kept pouring out of the kitchen. Our friends are golden, working tirelessly. Michele taking pictures. A blur of visiting with our friends, and then Lynne tugging at my sleeve to come sign the marriage certificates. The souvenir copy is sitting next to me on this desk as I write.

Applause at the end
 Sara broke open the chocolate high heel slipper that my writing group friends had given us, and circulated around offering pieces of chocolate slipper to the crowd.

Our friends Tovah, musician and Lora, caterer extraordinaire

Our friends who had worked for days preparing a table fit for royalty, kept the food flowing out of the oven and onto the overflowing trays.  They stayed until the end, washing dishes, organizing leftovers, and taking home extra bottles of wine and sparkling juices.

I am proud of everyone, of our diverse community, those who were here at the wedding and those many others who could not be. We are humbled by how much love has been expressed for us in so many small and large ways, on this day, before and since. 

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