Sunday, December 16, 2012

On getting married

I don’t want to forget it. Maybe that’s why I’m awake at 4:15 am at this keyboard.  Too much to tell in one blog.  Too many moments to recount at once. 

The words that we spoke, the songs that Tovah sang, the living room cleared of furniture to make way for people who we love, on 40 folding chairs arranged in a half circle.  We stood in front of the fireplace, candles burning behind us, the hearth decorated with a plant given by our carpenter friend Gerry and his wife Jan. Kent and Tara, taller than I realized they were, standing on either side of us.  Lynne and I in the center, the center of everyone’s attention, the focus of the service.  We wore matching outfits, in the end, a last minute decision.  Both in black turtlenecks and soft jackets, both with a flowing brown, gold and black scarf, the same scarves that we wore in San Francisco when we didn’t get married in 2004. 

So let's start with words.

So many beautiful words.  Here's what Lynne read.

I have lolled about camp, writing letters home, sewing on buttons, etc.; but most of the time in a sort of day-dream—a glorious day-dream in the presence of this grand nature. Ah! this free life in the presence of great Nature, is indeed delightful.

There is but one thing greater in this world; one thing after which, even under the shadow of this grand wall of rock, upon whose broad face and summit line projected against the clear blue sky with upturned face I now gaze; one thing after which even now I sigh with inexpressible longing, and that is Home and Love. August 4, 1872 Joseph LeConte writing home from his first visit to Yosemite

Here's what I read:

We are a stew made up of parts claimed from each of us
some parts we both claim now.

Start with two independent hippie spirits
and a base of romance
temper with a touch of caution.
Add some serendipity and mutual attraction
infuse with a longing for a place to be ourselves
baste with a desire for a relationship that would last
add a pinch of surprise from each of us
a touch of artistic spirit.
Season with a string of much loved dogs.

Stir in some scientific skepticism
then blend in a touch of mysticism
turn the arguments down to simmer …

Add some growth
some maturity.
Let it rest.

Let the trust rise.
Add adventure
frost with memories
sprinkle in mountains
and spice it up with kayaks.

Move our lives from house to house
Then from Kentucky to Washington.Enrich the flavor with friends
add community roots.

Let it age
test for depth
and then boldly serve with courage
spread with joy.

More tomorrow: Vows, flower girls and food

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