Saturday, February 14, 2009

South Farm, by Lynne

The soil was rich brown
Mounded high, the texture just right
I saw it as I passed by
Six days into spring

I knew this land, this once farm
In the summer, fields hot and dry
Rows of peppers laid out
Tomatoes ripening in the sun
Fall brought apples, cider, camaraderie

This sight should warm us all
Earth, freshly tilled for growth
My heart ached though
I looked away
No seeds to be sown there
As our urban culture sprawls unchecked

Do I need a map to direct you to this place?
Explicit details on what that land’s future holds?
Whatever road we take
It’s becoming all the same
Growth is good, so I’ve heard
It’s just that land, I knew
And its change, with no reprieve
Leaves me feeling a loss, doubting the season
After all, spring was supposed to bode a new beginning

--Lynne Pharis
March 27, 1998
UK Horticulture Alumnus

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